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Good Evening, my name is Lukas Patrick.

I'm already calling myself a Graphic Designer since 3 years. Cause of the connection between Graphics and the Web I finally started with Webdesign (Frontend and Backend) a year ago. The Webdesign makes it possible to accomplish a complete Design.

My Strengths are Logical thinking, Attention to detail and perfectionism. Much effort and hard work made me able to solve complex requirements.

My goal is to complete the desired requirements as fast and as efficient as possible.

Cinema 4D – 3D - Modeling
Photoshop – Final Composing, 2D Design

PHP – Backend, Webfunctions
MYSQL - Performant/Efficient Datenbase queries
CSS – Webdesign
HTML – Basic Web construction

Debian - Webserver, Security etc.
Windows Server - Webserver, Security etc. - Impressum